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ENGL 11000 Self-Reflection

In this post, I will recount over my time in ENGL 11000

Literary Narrative 

For my literary narrative, I decided to write in a chronological order. The narrative was written to recount my experience with literature and how my experience …

Argumentative Essay


Self-Diagnosis Harmful Effect on The Individual and Society
By: Quincy Wise

Since the dawn of time, persons have diagnosed themselves when inflicted with an ailment. Doctors were mainly a means to the end of their pain and typically of …

Textual Analysis

Social Media’s Negative Influence on Mental Disorder

By: Quincy Wise

Since the advent of social media people have used it show their display their activities and express their emotions. However, as social media progressed and the people became more aware …

Literary Narrative

Finding Yourself Lost in a Book
By Quincy Wise

Have you ever found yourself lost in a book? I’ve bet you had, maybe you were the brave hero fighting to save the world, a beautiful heroine going on a wayward …

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