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ENGL 11000 Self-Reflection

In this post, I will recount over my time in ENGL 11000

Literary Narrative 

For my literary narrative, I decided to write in a chronological order. The narrative was written to recount my experience with literature and how my experience with literature affected me. To accomplish this I needed to write a beginning middle and end the flowed, however, the way my structure turned out left more to be desired. I didn’t really have a first draft because I tend to write by jotting down complete sentences that sound great then writing around those. From that, I formed paragraphs and revised. However, my revisions were minimal leaving grammar and spelling bad. I think my narrative was okay, my experience with literature has been up and down but to accomplish my idea I had to purposely leave out times that I didn’t see as relevant to the main theme. I didn’t want my paper to be all over the place which became a problem in my future papers. Overall this assignment was boring to me because I was writing about myself. I didn’t learn anything from that because I’ve been in all of my own experiences (I hope). However, I did learn my fatal flaw. I writing/typing too fast to get an idea down and then sacrificing proper spelling as I am probably doing now.

Textual Analysis

Now onto my textual analysis, this paper was a headache since the last day before turning it in I changed my entire topic from the LGBT community to those who have mental disorders. This proved difficult at first because I had to change my sentence structures, my diction, even the way I thought just to push forward. But most importantly my tone which is one of the most important factors in my writing to me. Due to being stubborn and unwilling to changed, once I got my corrections back I only changed a few things. These were my paragraph structures, grammatical and spelling errors, and lastly some design layout alterations. However, my overall analysis was too broad. 

Argumentative Essay

Finally my argumentative essay. Writing this paper was a little bit more difficult than the last two because of trying to find a primary source that would allow me to properly display my ideas. I had to make a compelling claim, present my argument, present counters claims of the same caliber to my claims, and then a rebuttal. The hardest part of the essay was my counter-claims as a had to do actual research for those which had me finding people and conducting interviews with them. I dislike finding secondary sources because they usually involve the interpretations and feelings of another person which might influence the “facts”. My first draft was just a general outline to be turned in and I really didn’t care much for the flow of the paper as long as my writing followed the general direction I wanted it to and incorporated the ideas I wanted to present. For the final draft, however, I just to fixed my grammatical errors and sentence structures to make my paper flow better. Overall, I’m more used to writing argumentative essays so I didn’t really change my style of writing in any drastic ways. Due to this my outlines and drafts are basically unreadable to another person other than me, which is not a good thing since we’re graded on those. I’m proud of the amount of research I was able to do for this paper as I typically shy away from doing interviews with strangers and physical books as finding information on the internet is much easier. But, I found one great quote for my counter-claims, then found the doctor of that quote, then the co-worker of that doctor for an interview and to get her input on my issue. Now I’m just waiting for the end of the semester because I’m tired of writing.

An overarching issue that affected all my paper was the word limit. Sticking to a word count or trying to reach one seriously affects the way I write my papers. I like having my paragraphs information dense. When someone reads my writing I do not want them to go through any fluff per se. To get to the point it’s extremely hard for me to stick to a word count because I will write as long as I have valid ideas and will stop when I don’t so I’m not pandering.

Over-all Class

Waking up at 6 am to get ready for this class twice a week was hard enough, But then realizing that I personally did not enjoy this class what so ever. or the majority of the class time and barely anytime was dedicated to giving legitimately instruction or to exchange ideas. All of our assignments were due on blackboard including discussions and drafts which beg me to question why isn’t this an online class.

However, these critics don’t even compare to how I felt while sitting in this class every day. I was one of the two African-Americans in my class and from that two I was the only male. I felt ostracized by my other classmates and the professor. I know that I don’t look like the smartest person ever, because my intent on coming to college was never to be in a fashion show. It was to get an education.

Since this is the first class this professor has ever taught I’m not going to be an asshole. He was kind and willing to help other students and even with me, he spared time when he could. I feel given enough time he will become a great educator. 

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